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Cooking Class 22Jan23

Cooking Class 22Jan23
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Though its exact origins are unknown, this succulent dish, popularized in the United States by Julia Child, is considered a classic in the French pantheon of rustic, peasant cookery. The word coq translates to rooster, the traditional choice of poultry for this dish. Today most people typically use the standard broiler which is the chicken you find at your local grocery store and what we will be using. In this class we will be learning several techniques including dry brining, searing, and braising.

To have a completed dish that we can enjoy together, Chef Caleb will be making the full version ahead of time while the one we assemble in class will be much smaller. As a result, the minimum class size will be six students. If a class has not sold enough tickets one week prior to the scheduled date, it will be cancelled, and the tickets will be refunded. Maximum class size will be eight students. Thank you for your understanding.

This class will be held on Sunday, Januray 22nd from 2:00pm to 5:30pm.

Allergy and dietary considerations: Wheat, Mushrooms, Pork, Wine

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